Alumni Council Membership Requirements

Education in Action’s Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council is offered to all Lone Star Leadership Academy participants. The Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council is a way for students to continue developing their leadership skills, organize and lead other students in the completion of a service project, practice speaking before groups of people and increase their self-confidence. In order to remain a Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council Member in Good Standing, each year the following requirements must be met.

1. Complete three Leadership Lessons via e-mail.

Each lesson will include some reading and then answering short essay-type questions. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. Students need to organize their thoughts and opinions and be able to communicate well with others. The leadership lessons will be e-mailed to each council member periodically October through March. Leadership lessons are due two weeks after the sent date. Each lesson should take about one hour to complete. Feedback to the lesson responses will be provided.

2. Complete a service project.

Each student will be required to complete an approved service project. This involves:

  • Selecting a service project (May be a one-time project or continuing for several months). Click here for service projects ideas.
  • Finding a teacher/sponsor for your project (This person does not have to be a teacher. Any responsible adult who is willing to mentor you and your project and keep you on track will qualify as a teacher/sponsor.) Please complete and submit the Teacher/Adult Sponsor Form online.
  • Securing at least two other classmates to help you with the project (This will help develop your leadership and people management skills).
  • Publicizing the project If your project requires any sort of collection of goods or funds, this is an ABSOLUTELY crucial part of your project. You will need to allow at least a week of a real blitz campaign of every type of publicity available to you.
  • Carrying out the project
  • Distributing the results of the project (If necessary).
  • Thanking all those who helped you with the project (Written thank you notes are preferred).
  • Preparing your service project presentation

3. Sell ten Scholarship Fundraiser Tickets to help raise funds for the Education in Action scholarship fund and support for the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council.

Students will receive twenty scholarship fundraiser tickets. The requirement is to sell a minimum of 10 of these tickets. Each ticket sells for $5. These tickets will be sent to students in early February and the ticket stubs and money collected in March. The drawing will take place in March. There are several prizes with 1st prize being 2 round trip airline tickets with the continental United States good for one year.

4. Complete Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council Press Release form about your service project complete with pictures. This will be due in April. In addition to each Council member receiving a copy of the newsletter, it is sent to the Public Information Office in each district, the sponsors for the service projects, the Board of Educators, and friends, families and employees of Education in Action. It is a wonderful opportunity to show others what you can do.

5. Prepare a digital presentation of your service project which will become part of a video showing each Council member and what they accomplished for use on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Please understand that ALL information needed to meet each requirement will be available via e-mail or online. Each requirement will have a due date and requirements not met by that date may result in the student being dropped from the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council with no monetary refund.