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Program Documents

Participant Guidelines ›

Please read through the participant guidelines carefully and make sure you clearly understand each section.

Medical Form ›

The Emergency Medical Authorization forms need to be completed and turned in the morning of your program. You may choose to use student medical forms on file with the school but the second page must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian of the student.

Parent Packet ›

This document provides parents with an overview of the day, suggestions for the trip, and a list of what is included in the price.

Pre/Post-Field Trip Curriculum

We hope your students are excited about your upcoming 'Water Rocks!' Discover Texas Field Trip! Here are some pre- and post-field trip activities that will help your students get the most out of their experience.

Vocabulary Terms ›

During the field trip, students work out of journals which will be delivered at your upcoming training session. It is important that the students become familiar with the Water Rocks! vocabulary words, on pages 4-5 of their journals before the field trip so they can actively participate in activities led by Education in Action staff members and get the most out of the experience. We have provided a list of the vocabulary terms and definitions that will be covered. In addition, we have put together a slideshow of these terms if you chose to use this along with the vocabulary list.

Ecosystems Activity ›

During the Cameron Park Zoo tour, the students will be asked to identify is certain things are biotic or abiotic. They will also discuss the composition of an ecosystem. We have provided a short activity for you to use in your classroom before your trip.

Additional Resources

Texas Quiz Show ›

The Texas State Historical Association's Texas Quiz Show is a great activity for your classroom if you teach 4th through 8th grade. Teachers can enroll their entire class at one time or individual students may register on their own. Practice rounds take place during the fall. The Texas Quiz Show takes place in the spring.