"Why You Should Join the Alumni Council" Video Contest

Entry Deadline - September 30, 2018

Who can apply?

Contest is open to 2017-2018 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council members.

Entrants must:

  • Have completed the 2017-2018 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council.
  • Register and pay for 2018-2019 Alumni Council by September 30, 2018.
  • Successfully complete the 2018-2019 Alumni Council and submit completed camp application by the final application deadline.

How will the videos be scored?

Each entry will be scored based on the following criteria with 100 total available points.

40 points - Did student communicate how they benefited from participating in the Alumni Council clearly and concisely? If student has been a Youth Facilitator, include benefits of serving in that role, too.

20 points - Were they creative?

20 points - Was the video entertaining?

20 points - Quality of the video. Was it easy to hear and understand? Good lighting? Clear images?

What are the requirements?

  • Video contest entry must submitted online as a YouTube link (set to public, not private), by September 30, 2018. After you submit your entry, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation, contact Education in Action at 817-562-4957 to confirm your entry was received.
  • Video entries must be between 30-60 seconds long. Videos SHORTER than 30 seconds or LONGER than 60 seconds will NOT be considered. There is no gray area.
  • “Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council ” must be displayed or spoken in the video.
  • Each person speaking in the video must complete an online Video Contest Waiver form.

Additional Information

  • Only videos that meet the listed requirements will be eligible to win a prize. All prizes may not be awarded if eligible entries are not received.
  • By submitting your video entry, you are giving Education in Action permission to use the video for promotional purposes.
  • Winners will be announced via e-mail and on Facebook.com/EducationInAction.
  • Winners must submit completed Lone Star Leadership Academy camp applications no later than the final application deadline.
  • Winners must meet all program requirements stated on the Lone Star Leadership Academy camp application in order to use the scholarship.

"I have had two children attend and both enjoyed their trips. They made great friends that they wouldn't have met otherwise."

-Participant's Parent

"It was a great experience for our daughter. She came back more mature and with a very different perspective of the world around her."

-Participant's Parent

"Students get the opportunity to interact with other kids and teachers that only want each other to succeed."

-Participant's Parent