Water Rocks Outline



*Land Engineer - Coordinating Teacher

*Meet at School - Project Manager

This person dismisses groups to the bus once all students have arrived, put on their t-shirt and nametag, and have their drink bag with three drinks.

*Load Bus - Professor (Morning)

This person runs the bus in the morning; reads rules and starts the activities. Also dismisses the bus when arrive at destination.

..........Bus Activity 1: DVD -Speleologist (Cave Scientist)

Makes sure to put the "Inner Space Cavern" DVD is in BEFORE bus departs. Press play on the DVD player and then ask the students questions - for Texas Tokens.

..........Bus Activity 2: Water Cycle Puzzle - Environmental Scientist

This person will need a helper to walk the puzzle up and down the aisle. Ask questions while students put stickers on puzzle to make a picture of the Water Cycle.

..........Bus Activity 3: Water Rocks BINGO! - Geoscientist

Play BINGO by using provided questions in the role cards. Each student gets a BINGO card and pencil (in lead backpack).

*Arrive at the Inner Space Cavern!

Look at your schedule to see where you are headed off to first!

*LUNCH! - Lab Scientist

This person (one for each bus) leaves the tour early to go to the bus and meet the sandwich delivery person. Put sandwiches on seats - blue bag has sandwich choice on it. You may want to take a helper with you.

..........BEFORE leaving switch DVDs to Mammoth National Monument DVD

Students may watch the video on the way to Waco Mammoth National Monument for a preview of their visit.

*Arrive at Waco Mammoth National Monument!

Look at your schedule to see where you are headed off to first!

*Arrive at Cameron Park Zoo!

Look at your Zoo map to see where you are headed off to first! Don't forget to take the group picture. Activity boards are also available as a teaching tool.

*DINNER! - Lab Scientist

Leave early to go back to bus and meet pizza delivery person. Put one slice of pizza and napkin on each seat. You may want to take a helper with you.

*Load Bus for Home - Professor (Evening)

You are now in charge of the bus!

..........Prizes and Souvenirs - Professor (Evening)

You are Santa! Time for the Prize Drawings and handing out the Arlies and bracelets to everyone! Clean up and start the movie!

*Arrive home - EVERYONE! - Spelunkers

BEFORE LEAVING - Make sure to turn in your backpacks, lanyards and role cards - they cost the school money if not returned! (Keep the plushy, puzzle, and wetland model.)