Lone Star Leadership Academy Presentation Scholarships

As a member of the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, students have the opportunity to earn credits toward future Education in Action programs. Each presentation is an opportunity to earn $25 credit to apply to future Lone Star Leadership Academy camps, Alumni Council registration, or Youth Facilitator fees.

Classroom Presentations

· Present your Lone Star Leadership Academy experience and your pictures to 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classes. This presentation will need to involve at least 4 classes and could be 10-20 minutes at the beginning or at the end of class.

Community Presentations

There are several ways to earn scholarship credit by presenting your Lone Star Leadership Academy experience and your pictures to any of a number of community groups.

· Any service organization in your community, such as Lion's Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, American Legion, VFW, Chamber of Commerce and church youth groups.

· The great thing about making presentations to these groups is the publicity it offers for you and for Education in Action. Then, when you and/or any other area students are seeking sponsorship for their camp, the group will already have had an introduction to what Education in Action and Lone Star Leadership Academy are all about

School Presentations

· With the principal, arrange to speak to the teachers at a faculty meeting, in-service meeting or department meetings at the school. By giving this presentation to the teachers of your school or any other school in your District you can help us educate those teachers who do not have information about Education in Action, the Lone Star Leadership Academy, or the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council.

· Host an Education in Action table at your school's Open House night, Back to School night or other evening event that parents attend.

Click here to print a Credit for LSLA Presentation form. For further information, please contact Carolyne Markle at cmarkle@educationinaction.org or call 817-562-4957 ext 102.