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When you hear the name Walker, Texas Ranger, you probably think of Chuck Norris’ portrayal on TV. To many people’s surprise, Chuck Norris is not the original Walker, Texas Ranger. That title belongs to Samuel Hamilton Walker who was born in Maryland and later moved to Texas to join the Texas Rangers. During Walker’s time as a Texas Ranger, he joined the company of the most famous Texas Ranger, “Jack” Hays. Although he died young, Walker became a legend among the Texas Rangers. To learn more, check out this article which originally appeared in the October 2014 edition of The Alamo Messenger, a monthly history publication from the Alamo’s education department.

New for the 2016-2017 school year, Education in Action has added an optional stop at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco to our “Proud to be Texan” field trip to Austin....

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Eighty-seven outstanding young student leaders from across Texas successfully completed membership in Education in Action’s 2015-2016 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council. Each student received a certificate of merit for their dedication to developing their leadership skills and their service to their communities.

Members participated in the Lone Star Leadership Academy, a weeklong leadership development summer camp. As graduates of this program, they were invited to join Education in Action’s alumni program, the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, to receive leadership training during the school year. Each member completed leadership skill-building lessons and exercised their leadership skills by identifying a need in their community and creating and leading at least two others in a service project of their choosing. Descriptions, photos, and, in some cases, videos of each student’s service project are available at...

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I really enjoyed participating in the Lone Star Leadership Academy back in 2005, and I'm sure that visiting the Capitol fueled my interest in politics/government.

What I most remember about my participation in the camp was my visit to the Capitol, where I had the opportunity to visit with the staff of my state representative and state senator. Then, that would have been Representative Rob Orr and Senator Kip Averitt. Visiting the Capitol and taking the public tour was interesting, but the chance to talk with legislative staff certainly added a more academic and professional dimension to my experience. I was very nervous about visiting the offices, but everybody I met was so friendly and willing to answer questions. I do remember one staffer discussing how they had to work very long hours whenever the Legislature was in session, which I found out first hand several years later. But meeting with legislative staff in the offices was probably the highlight of my trip - as a young kid who even at age 12/13 was interested in government and history, that was the agenda item I...

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One of the leaders on this week's Lone Star Leadership Academy-Dallas/Fort Worth camp has a unique history with Education in Action! Jacob P. is the son of Jennifer Pasteur, Education in Action's Executive Director and Founder. Jacob was born in 2006, five years after the organization's founding. He has grown up in and around the Education in Action office so it's really fun to have this special leader on our Lone Star Leadership Academy for the very first time. Jacob is a student at North Texas Leadership Academy in Keller, Education in Action's private school. We can't wait to hear what he has to say about his week at camp! #EducationInAction #LoneStarLeadershipAcademy