Service Project Guidelines

Service Projects are an integral part of being a member of the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council. Each year we have a large number of new members to our Alumni Council, I think it is important to understand why Education in Action feels so strongly about service learning.

This service project requirement may be the first time that a number of our Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council members have had to think "outside the box" and come up with their own idea of what to do and who to help. All of our Council members are exceptional students, therefore we have very high expectations for their service projects and they never cease to amaze us. I hope you, as their parents, along with their teachers and peers, see growth in them as well. On whatever scale they undertake their service project, I hope that the experience provides the following for each of them:

• An opportunity for "creative productivity"

• Support in their social, emotional, and ethical development

• Help develop their ability to find innovative solutions

• Further develop their leadership skills

To complete the service requirement portion of the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council curriculum, each student will identify a project in his/her school or community and then develop a plan of action to implement this project.

The Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council service project may also be used as volunteer service hours for another group such as National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, Scouts, 4-H etc. But, not vice versa. Council members must come up with their own idea for a service project, organize it, recruit others to help with the project and once the project is completed, prepare the presentation to submit. Therefore, you can not attach yourself to a project already being undertaken by another group.

The Most Important Thing About Your Service Project:

Get Started Right Away

1. Think about what you are going to do and set your goal.

2. Decide on your time availability and pick your target date for your project.

3. Complete your Teacher/Sponsor form online.

4. Don't put off getting started on the organization, publicity campaign and/or recruiting of additional students.

5. Plan your picture taking opportunities and be prepared.

This service project should be enjoyable and rewarding for you as well as those you are benefiting and good organization and preparation will make that possible.

Parents of all Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council Members

Please understand that the staff of Education in Action is committed to helping your child be successful with their service project. This a vital part of helping them connect their classroom studies with their natural caring and concern for their world. They feel a real sense of accomplishment when they contribute to solving problems by helping others in their school, community, and neighborhood or around the world. As your student learns about ways to help others through their service projects, the results will be memorable. They gain lessons that will last a lifetime. And the best part is that while learning these life lessons, your student will develop the ability to contribute to a better society and we ALL benefit.