Youth Facilitator Information

There are Youth Facilitators for a number of the weeks of Lone Star Leadership Academy camps. The Youth Facilitators are Lone Star Youth Leadership Council members who have successfully completed the current year’s Council requirements and have applied to become a Youth Facilitator on a given week.

As a rule, there are 4 weeks in each camp location – Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, and Houston/Galveston, which have Youth Facilitators. There are a maximum of 5 Youth Facilitators for any given camp. Spots are filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Youth Facilitators must be one year ahead of the oldest students in the LSLA camp they wish to facilitate;

· Dallas/Fort Worth Youth Facilitators must have completed the 7th grade

· Austin/San Antonio Youth Facilitators must have completed the 8th grade

· Houston/Galveston Youth Facilitators must have completed the 9th grade.

This is the minimum grade requirement and does not mean that only 7th graders can facilitate the Dallas camps, for example. Council members who are in good standing can facilitate year after year if they like, in either the same program or different ones. A Council member in good standing does not have to have attended the Lone Star Leadership Academy program they wish to facilitate as a participant, as long as they meet the grade requirement.

Each Youth Facilitator will be assigned to a specific facilitator helping providing daily leadership lessons as well as debriefing discussions and also help the Assistant Director with activities for the entire camp. Each week there is also a special venue provided just for the Youth Facilitators. They visit this venue with the Assistant Director and are well versed on what they will be seeing as well as having a discussion at the end of the day. The Youth Facilitator venues are:

· Dallas/Fort Worth – The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

· Austin/San Antonio – The Texas General Land Office

· Houston/Galveston – The Buffalo Soldiers Museum

This is a really popular program with both the LSLA campers and the Lone Star Youth Leadership Council members. A great opportunity for Council members to grow their leadership skills and, as an added bonus, earn volunteer or service hours which they can apply to school and/or club requirements.


  • 85 or higher overall average
  • Successful completion of Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council
  • Must complete Youth Facilitator Training