Friends and Family

Money donated by his uncle's business.

My daughter got financial help from her family members.

My son got donations from friends and family.

My son got funds for this trip from his grandparents and parents. The letters and forms in the packet are what we used to get donations.

The trip was a gift from her grandfather.

Our daughter mailed out letters to family and friends asking for their support. She was able to raise most of the application fee by doing this.

She is a driven child. She really wanted to go, picked up the phone, and called everyone in her family. They know how passionate she is and how hard she works and they rewarded her for it!

She raised hers through personal donations from family and friends

We were able to obtain 100% family donations.

We sent a letter to friends and family and ended up raising all of the money needed to go to the Lone Star Leadership Academy.