Bridget used GoFundMe.com as her only source of funding. We were so humbled and amazed by so many friends and family that wanted to help Bridget reach (and ultimately exceed) her goal.

In order to for her to go funds had to be raised. Her social studies teacher set up a GoFundMe account. The GoFundMe was one account for three students. She raised just under $2000. She was given just over $800 because her family had given the most. Her dad and I paid the rest.

I told Jayelyn she could attend the camp if she raised at least half the money herself. I helped her put together a simple GoFundMe campaign and video to send to family members. We raised about $600.

My daughter raised half of her tuition by using a GoFundMe account for relatives that were out of town that wanted to help the cause.

My son went to Gofundme.com and wrote out any essay explaining what the Lone Star Leadership Academy is and what all the kids would be doing this summer. He also explained the type of classes he is taking in school and what outside programs he attends.

She raised funds on GoFundMe.com. All donations were from family and close friends.

My daughter created a GoFundMe account with detailed information about the Lone Star Leadership Academy.

We created a GoFundMe account and asked for donations from local businesses, friends, and family. We collected enough to pay for our camp expenses.

We created a GoFundMe account.

We created a GoFundMe account for my daughter's fundraiser to attend camp. We also created a Facebook group page to post updates on the fundraising, announcements from Lone Star Leadership Academy on her acceptance, and pictures of the fun time she's having at camp.

We made a video and created a GoFundMe account and mailed the link to her closest family in a handwritten note.

We set up a GoFundMe account in order to raise the funds for our daughter to be able to go. My husband and I knew that we did not want our daughter to miss out on this opportunity because we did not have the money. Our daughter makes it known to people that she meets that she is very eager and focused on her education and does not want anything to stop her.

We used a GoFundMe account and were very successful. My daughter was nervous at first that we may not be able to raise enough money, but after all the support from family and friends we were very overwhelmed!

We used GoFundMe and raised $600.

When Christopher first brought the letter home letting us know that he was nominated, we were a little concerned about raising the funds. As a one income family, it is a little hard to think about paying for a camp that was going to cost what it did. We thought about it and realized that his education and learning experiences were not something you could put a price on. We posted on Facebook that he was accepted and we wanted to send him. Within one week we had enough people rally together to donate items to have a garage sale. With everything that we were able to sell, we raised over half of what we needed. At that point, we realized that Christopher was going to get to go, no matter what it took. We created a YouCaring.com fund as well. It was amazing to see the look on his face when we told him we had enough for him to go!!!