Safety and Supervision

Your child’s safety is our top priority.


Lone Star Leadership Academy camp participants are supervised 24 hours a day by Education in Action staff members. There is one Facilitator for every 10 students and all Facilitators are Texas educators. The Director and Assistant Director provide additional supervision and all Directors are certified in CPR and First-Aid. All staff members pass a background check completed by Education in Action prior to each year’s camps. The overnight accommodations are group bunk lodging with girls in one room and boys in another. There are no fewer than two adults of the same gender in each group lodging room to supervise students overnight.

At no time are participants unsupervised. The schedule is full, organized, and consistent and there is no unstructured down time for the students. At registration, parents receive an agenda of activities and sites participants visit at all times during the program week.

Buddy System

We have a Buddy System in place which means that no student is alone during camp and no student is ever alone with another adult during camp. The Buddy System is part of our staff training and we go over this Buddy System with students at orientation. Examples of Buddy System in action:

1. Should a student need to retrieve an item from their bunk after the group is on the bus, an adult AND another student will accompany them back to their bunk.

2. Should a student need to use a restroom at a museum, restaurant, etc., they must take another student with them.


Should anything, no matter how minor (a scraped knee for example), happen to your student during their week at the Lone Star Leadership Academy, you will be notified by phone.