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Ethan Farhoudi

Ethan is a 9th grader in Kerrville ISD and a second year Alumni Council member.

I have many reasons why I would want to be a Youth Facilitator for Education in Action. I have a desire to lead and want to keep learning from the amazing program I have had a chance to be a part of in the past. I also want to be able to serve the program, helping the next generation of leaders thrive. For starters, the Education in Action leadership program and community project have improved my skill set as a leader but have also left me with a desire to continue helping others. With the end of the school year imminent, and being a second-year member of the program, I think it would be a great opportunity to continue to learn more from the older and much wiser facilitators who taught me from the start.

Furthermore, the reason that I have been so motivated to come back is because of the leaders I looked up to the entire time I was a student at Education in Action, always genuinely wanting to see every kid that they saw succeed. I wish to spread that as well, hoping that I can be a role model for at least one of them and that they will go and make a difference in their community because of it. In conclusion, my desire to lead and learn, as well as make a difference in the next leaders of the world are why I want to be a Youth Facilitator for the Education in Action program.