Thank you! Our 2018-2019 school year volunteer calendar has been filled! We are grateful for everyone that has already volunteered, and for those that have signed up to volunteer on our upcoming volunteer days. The response to our call was overwhelming and we sincerely appreciate the support each volunteer has provided/will provide to help us fulfill our mission.

If you would like to receive notification of upcoming summer and 2019-2020 school year volunteer day opportunities, please click on the button below to sign-up for notifications and we send you the volunteer calendar as soon as it's ready!

THANK YOU to our 2018-2019 Volunteers! 905 hours to date!

What a difference you all have made to Education in Action!


Argyle ISD students - 7 hours

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD students volunteer with Education in Action

Eagle Mountain- Saginaw ISD students - 16 hours

Keller ISD logo.jpg

Keller ISD students - 272 hours


Northwest ISD students - 41 hours


Santander Consumer USA employees - 157 hours


Texas Health employees - 82 hours


Wells Fargo employees - 378 hours

Keller ISD Volunteers
Keller ISD, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Santander Consumer USA volunteers
Texas Health Volunteers
Keller ISD Volunteers 10.8.18.jpg
Wells Fargo Volunteers 9.21 (16).jpg
Wells Fargo Volunteers 9.20 (9).jpg
9.21.18 Texas Health Alliance volunteer, Tracy Zombar.jpg
2.15.18 volunteers.jpg
2019.03.11 High School Students.jpg
2019.03.11 Santander.jpg
2019.03.11 Texas Health.jpg
2019.03.12 Santander.jpg
2019.03.14 Santander and NW ISD student.jpg
2019.03.15 High School Students.jpg
2019.03.15 Santander.jpg