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Kaila Pierson

Kaila is a 10th grader in Katy ISD and a first year Alumni Council member.

There are many reasons that I want to be a Youth Facilitator, but the most prominent reasons are my love for history, my desire to make connections across the state, and the prospect of being able to learn valuable skills in leading others. First of all, I want to become a Youth Facilitator as this camp has provided me the opportunity to go to many museums and historical sites across Texas that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to experience. My area of interest for my future career path is a historian, archaeologist, or museum curator and Lone Star Leadership Academy has allowed me to see a wide range of museums, information, and jobs that has fueled my passion for history and culture. By becoming a Youth Facilitator I want to continue to experience these museums and look into other jobs under my field of interest for when I go to college. Secondly, I want to be a Youth Facilitator because I want to make connections across the state. From past Lone Star camps, I have met people from all over the state and have continued to keep in contact with many of my old group mates years later. By becoming a Youth Facilitator I want to be able to make connections with more students and staff of the sites we visit as these connections can be useful when applying for college, finding jobs in my field of interest, and getting professional advice from those much more experienced than me. Lastly, I want to be a Youth Facilitator because I want to improve my leadership skills in the areas that I am lacking and to be able to apply them to a wide range of situations in my personal life. Currently, I am a Taekwondo athlete and am looking to begin instructing other Taekwondo classes. To do so, I want to be able to improve my patience and develop a more confident, loud voice so that I can be more confident in speaking up. This experience will be a perfect place to work on my leadership skills as it provides a healthy environment where I can learn from the other facilitators around me without fear of messing up or being embarrassed.