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Alumni Spotlights

Sophia Deras, Carroll ISD

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“Participating as a camper, council member, and youth facilitator has given me advantages in my academic and social life. Opportunities for public speaking, group discussions, and meeting students from all corners of the state put me ahead of my classmates. I was also introduced to careers I had never considered (or thought of). I loved going to camps because it was a week full of students who were excited to learn, and learn hands-on, just like me. Much like the camps, Alumni Council has been a chance for me to interact with students from far and wide, as well as help those in need right here in my own community. My service projects have been extremely rewarding; I make phone calls, write emails, and run my own mini project. Taking on a responsibility like this can be daunting, but whether you help five people or five hundred, is beneficial to both you and your community. Youth facilitating is one of the best and most unique opportunities I have had the privilege to participate in and it is one I definitely would recommend; working with the kids and helping our great teachers is very rewarding.”

Sophia took part in the Lone Star Leadership Academy Austin/San Antonio and Houston/Galveston camps, and is a 4th Year Alumni Council member, and a three-time Youth Facilitator. As a member of the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, Sophia has created and led four service projects including Books for West ISD and Snack Packs for Northwest ISD (two years) which she grew into this year’s project, Backpacks for Northwest ISD.

Ceanna Cooksey, Denton ISD

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“I have been going to Lone Star Leadership Academy camps since fifth grade. Because each camp is special and different I would recommend that a Lone Star Leader go through all three camps. A Leader learns so much about both Texas and themselves with these camps. The best experience, in my opinion, is returning to the camps as a Youth Facilitator. As a Youth Facilitator, you go through these camps in an entirely new light. It teaches responsibility and integrity and you make some amazing friends. I look back on all of my Lone Star Leadership camps with fond memories. All the new skills I gained helped prepare me for the future.”

Ceanna is a Lone Star Leadership Academy Trailblazer, 5th Year Alumni Council Member, and three-time Youth Facilitator. As a member of the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, Ceanna has created and led five service projects including Books for Buddies, Books for West ISD, Mobile Food Pantry, Toys for Kids, and this year’s project, Food for Friends.