Discover Texas Field Trips In a Box Reviews


"We made it a two day virtual field trip experience. We even decorated the hallway to look like a cave. It was pretty awesome. The kids enjoyed it. They absolutely loved [the mineral dig]!!!!" - Teacher, Wylie ISD


"This program has been put together very well! As a teacher, it was easy to lead the students through. The students learned an amazing amount of different information about our state through reading articles, listening to videos and taking the virtual tours. The program information was presented in various ways so students didn't get bored doing the same thing all day long." - Teacher, Huntington ISD

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"LOVE!! This program was an amazing way for us to virtually visit the Capitol. We got to see and experience things we never would have if we had gone in person. The t-shirt and Arlie were such nice souvenirs for the students to keep to remind them of their trip. Especially during 2020, it was nice for them to have such a fun experience."

– Teacher, Dallas-Area Private School

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"Easy for the kids to use and covered our social studies TEKS perfectly. If you teach 4th grade social studies, this field trip is a great way to follow-up, or use in conjunction with, your curriculum." – Teacher, Brenham ISD

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"Awesome! Students loved the virtual tours of the Alamo and the Capitol. It was a wonderful treat since we couldn't actually visit this year."

– Teacher, Brenham ISD

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"I would recommend this program to other teachers. The students loved it and engagement was very high for multiple class periods."

- Teacher, Dickinson ISD

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"Cool tours - we learned things I didn't even know. A great way to help students learn history and reinforce ELA "

– Teacher, Dickinson ISD

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"Great activity to use to reinforce ELA and History."

– Teacher, Dickinson ISD

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"This program was well put-together and addressed the TEKS."

– Teacher, Dickinson ISD