Discover Texas Field Trips FAQs

Who should I ask to chaperone?

Chaperones are expected to be active participants in all Education in Action field trips. Chaperones are responsible for making sure their color groups stay together and for the behavior of their group including making sure they are paying attention to the person speaking. Chaperones should also count their group of students when you are moving from place to place and immediately let a teacher know if there is a problem. In addition, chaperones are responsible for assisting students with the activities and handing out Texas tokens throughout the day.

What are the responsibilities on the bus?

Good bus behavior is important for bus safety. Chaperones will be asked to sit with their color group on the bus in order to monitor the students’ behavior. In addition, you will be asked to encourage your students to participate and help pass out Texas tokens during activities on the bus and throughout the day.

Does Education in Action own the buses?

No, Education in Action does not own the buses. We have long-standing relationships with each of our partner bus companies.

What should I bring the day of the field trip?

Please bring three disposable drinks: one for the bus ride, one for lunch, and one for dinner. Most schools choose to provide the field trip shirts and lunch bags the morning of the trip. We suggest that you bring a jacket with you; even when it is warm outside, the buses tend to be cool.

Will there be a lot of down time?

No. From bus-led activities during the charter bus ride, to dinner and trivia on the ride back home, the day is packed full of fun and learning! The entire day is designed so each participant gets the most out of their trip. After trivia a movie is provided for the rest of the ride home.

Why should you take a group picture?

Every participant on the program will get a copy of the group picture as a souvenir. The picture is also included with a press release Education in Action sends to your school's principal and school district's Public Information Office.

Why can’t I/we visit the café or gift shops?

Chaperones are responsible for actively encouraging student participation and supervising their color groups throughout the day. If chaperones are in the café or gift shop without their color group, they are not meeting this requirement. In addition, as you will soon see, you will not have time for every participant in the group to visit the café or gift shops during this field trip. Education in Action provides field trip souvenirs for each participating student and adult. If participants want to check out what the gift shops has to offer, each gift shop has a website.

How much walking will I do during the day?

You will do a lot of walking during the day. Education in Actions recommends wearing comfortable shoes.

Do I need to bring a backpack or bag?

No. Your color group will receive one chaperone backpack the morning of the trip. It will include everything you need for the day: Texas tokens, pen, hand sanitizer, and plates and napkins for lunch. You may put your personal belongings in this bag.