Career Speakers

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During the Lone Star Leadership Academy, participants learn about unique careers from professionals at sites visited. Speakers vary but examples include Museum Curator, Historian, Archivist, Marine Biologist, and NASA Crew Program Manager. Career speakers discuss education and skill sets required for their work, a typical day, and the pros and cons of their professions.

In addition to exploring future career options, career speaker presentations provide participants with opportunities to further develop their leadership skills. Participants are assigned to introduce career speakers to the group and to thank them in front of the group at the end of the presentation. ‘Introducers’ are responsible for introducing themselves to the speakers and reading a short bio to introduce the speaker to the group. ‘Thankers’ thank the speaker, present them with a small token of the group’s appreciation, and lead the group in clapping for the speaker. Participants gain confidence in speaking in front of a group and improve their presentation skills by practicing each of these pieces with other students during leadership groups.