Dress Code

The Lone Star Leadership Academy is a leadership program and development opportunity. In order to maintain a professional appearance, the following dress code will be in effect during the program.

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Daily Attire for all Programs

Casual attire appropriate for travel. Shorts/skirts must still meet the length requirement below.
T-shirt (provided), tucked in with appropriate pants or shorts. T-shirts are distributed to students during camp.

Location-Specific Attire

Dallas/Fort Worth Program
On Monday students will participate in a ropes course activity. All students must wear tennis shoes and skirts are not permitted.
Austin/San Antonio Program
On Wednesday students will visit the offices of their state legislators at the Capitol. Students may not wear shorts, Capri pants, cargo pants, or jeans (blue denim).

Further Instructions

Shorts and Pants
Students may not wear athletic-style shorts or pants except on arrival day (Sunday). This includes, but is not limited to: Basketball/football/soccer shorts, gym shorts, cheerleading shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants, and leggings. Students may not wear cut-offs or items with rips/tears. All shorts must be at least fingertip length when the arms are extended down. Examples of acceptable styles include, but are not limited to: Bermuda shorts, denim or khaki shorts, cargo shorts, school uniform shorts, Capri pants,  etc.
Skirts must be at least fingertip length when the arms are extended down.
Comfortable walking shoes such as tennis shoes are appropriate for all days. Students may not wear flip-flops, except in the showers.
Hats are permitted outdoors only.
Hair should be kept neat, clean, and well-groomed. Given the professional nature of the program, students are highly encouraged to select traditional styles and colors for the duration of the program. No facial hair will be allowed.