I designed a donation card, kind of like a football square. Each square had a dollar amount and all the squares added up the cost of the trip. I asked family, friends, co-workers, church members, and teachers to donate to the cause and it went very, very smoothly.

I purchased an Apple watch to raffle. I advertised it to family and friends. I used social media to communicate it with them. We also used PayPal and the cash app for payment options. We were very successful in selling the tickets rather quickly. Once tickets were sold, we recorded the raffle and posted it online for people see and announce the winner. The raffle helped pay for the cost of the full tuition.

My daughter baked cakes for fundraising and sold candy bars. Sam's had a candy bar fundraising box and she sold them in the neighbor hood with the families help.

My son sent letters to family members to raise funds to support his tuition.

My son sold lollipops to raise the money through Ozark Lollipop Company.

River helped make hot tamales and held a bake sale and a raffle for a Yeti koozie and 20 oz. Yeti cup.

Student raised funds by making and selling Mother’s Day baskets, body scrubs, Rainbow Looms, nail jars, baked goods, and greeting cards.

We did a bake sale and sold at a flea market as well as our church.

We did Bingo with friends and family and raised $300.

My daughter sold pizza coupons and we both participated in helping raise money by selling snacks and drinks at my daughter's school.

My daughter used money she raised selling Girl Scout cookies for her and the members of her troop interested in going to camp. This is money they saved over two years and think it was a good use of the money.