Fundraising as a Group

The administration at Oak Forest Elementary was extremely supportive of this first group of students to attend the Lone Star Leadership Camp. They arranged a Family Movie Night with a movie screening outdoors in the school grounds on a Friday evening. The group of 12 students nominated by the school made posters for the movie night. Tickets were sold for a few dollars, with all proceeds going to the campers. A couple of hundred people came to the movie, surpassing all our expectations. All concessions (pizza, popcorn, sodas, candies, pickles, etc) were purchased by parents of the campers, and the students were in charge of selling concessions. Around half the cost of the camp was covered by this hugely successful event.

As a parent, I wanted to show my daughter that with hard work and dedication everything is possible. Six parents and I actively planned out community activities to raise funds. The community united to buy tickets for cookouts, raffles, and a Peter Piper Pizza lockdown party. In addition, many businesses were actively participating with our group, such as Ancira, and other retirement facilities. We are beyond thankful to our small town because many people were willing to help!

The kids from Shallowater Intermediate raised funds by organizing a snack bar after school for a week. Together they planned, asked the principal for permission, worked out all of the details, and manned the booth without much help from the parents. It was great experience for the kids.

Students raised money by doing a car wash and a Facebook bake sale. Great way to get everyone involved.

The Grady ISD group collectively participated in various fundraising events and was able to pay 100% of each member's tuition for camp. It was a true blessing that they paid for camp themselves. The experience taught them responsibility.

My child was part of nine children from her school attending various weeks of the Lone Star Leadership Academy camp. They held a fundraiser (movie night open to the public) at their school and managed to raise over $300 per child to help defray the cost of the camp.

The school came together twice for plate sales. They were successful. Unbelievable support from staff. We had donations and sponsors as well. Full support from principal and teacher.

The school had a fun raffle to raise funds just like last year.

We raised money as a group in bake sales, a car wash, and Jean days for teachers.

The students had a few different fundraisers including a car wash, a school dance, and a snack sale with the help of teachers and parents.

My daughter and her fellow camp participants raised most of their tuition through bake sales and a fundraiser meal. They were inspirational in organizing and being actively involved with these events.

Nominated students worked together to develop fundraisers. They sold raffle tickets for a Valentine's package. Additionally, they visited local businesses seeking sponsorships. They were able to raise enough to send four students to camp.