Organization Memberships

Christiana was very fortunate to obtain funds from our church as well as from members of the Baptist church her father attends.

We received a $300 gift from my VFW Auxiliary.

She received a donation from our church.

My daughter is a member of a fraternal organization and they helped her with the donations that she needed last year. This year she asked again and a teacher who knew how much impact the program has on children wanted to make sure she got to go again.

My daughter received partial funding from our local Lion's club. They normally give scholarship opportunities for high school students, so they were eager to help a younger demographic.

My child is a foster child and was sponsored by the Foster Angels of Central Texas. Organizations like this provide opportunities for children who qualify to attend but may not be financially able to do so.

Our son was given a donation from the VFW in Lawton, Oklahoma.

She got donations from family and our town Lion's club.

We did a Thirty-One Fundraiser and it worked great! We also did a garage sale.

My son received donations from Sons of the Republic, Daughters of the Republic, and The Knights of Columbus.