My daughter submitted an application for a scholarship with the school district.

To get her to participate in this program we had to apply for a scholarship and we got the funds.

Another parent asked the PTO if they would be prepared to provide a partial scholarship to the students who were nominated. The PTO, principal and counselor approved $3,000 in funds that would be evenly distributed to all students who enrolled in the summer camp.

Maura and another student attending LSLA ran a concession stand for six weeks during the soccer season. She was also given a scholarship by her school's PTO to help defray camp cost.

My daughter raised funds to attend the Leadership Academy by applying for a scholarship through the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. She also mowed lawns around the neighborhood and did additional chores for family to earn the funds to attend.

My daughter sold bbq plates and healthy snacks. She also received a scholarship from Navy/Army.

We used the sample letter provided with the application form and modified it to fit our needs. We sent it to a local Rotary group and they responded positively with a partial scholarship for him to attend the Dallas/Fort Worth academy this summer.

My son applied to the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and received a scholarship. He also received a donation/scholarship from our local credit union.