Amber wrote letters asking for support from different people and they were surprisingly generous.

Clayton knew financially it was a stretch for us to pay for the camp. He decided to go the last week to take advantage of the discount. After that, he created his fundraising letter based of the template provided and added his own special twist to it. We went around our community to places we do business with and he gave them the spiel of the camp. He was very nervous the first few people he presented to, but as he continued, you could see his confidence grow. This process alone provided him with an experience that has taught him many lessons.

I simply asked co-workers and customers of they would like to donate.

In order to make this academy possible for my child, help from others was a necessity. My child took on the responsibility of being her own spokesman and requested personally the aid of those willing to help. In doing so she prepared herself for her meetings with other campers and faculty by speaking directly to those from whom she sought help, either by phone or in person, when possible. Being humble and appreciative helped her reach her goal.

All you have to do is ask - the worst answer is no. When the "business" didn't donate, some of the employees donated personally.

Last year my child solicited Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Cheniere Energy and other energy companies.

Letters to local businesses and family.

Leyla had sponsors to help her attend.

Logan sent a handwritten letter to our friends and family members telling them about the program and what he was most excited about. He was able to raise about half of the money needed for the trip. He was excited to receive checks and also notes written back to him in support of his adventure.

My daughter was able to get donations from her grandparents as well as a sponsorship from a local business to help with the cost of camp. She used the sample letter as a guide to reach out to the business. It was helpful because it explained the program.

My daughter went around the community and asked for donations. She typed up a letter and explained what she was raising money for. In return they asked her to put together a post-camp summary and/or video.

My student wrote a letter (by following the sample letter in the original packet) asking every staff member at her elementary school for donations. She included a labeled return envelope for donations. This was hugely successful; more than 25 teachers/staff made a donation.

She obtained an appointment with AMOCO Credit Union, presented her request, and was awarded $600.

Our daughter did not want to place the burden on us to come up with the funds to send her to leadership camp so she set a meeting up with the president of our credit union and went to meet with him. She explained that she was nominated by her teacher and that she was looking for someone to support her efforts to learn more about leadership and how it could benefit her. The credit union was generous to support her and we were not out of pocket very much. It was great to see her determination and motivation for wanting to attend this event. This was an exciting time for her and she learned a lot. She even wants to look into participating as an advisor for years to come.

Our son began his leadership skills at time of admission to LSLA. Our son began searching for local resources in our community of local businesses, friends, and family members. He was successful in raising $725 to go toward his camp trip with LSLA. We were very proud of his beginning leadership skills and understanding the importance of reaching out to gain a better understanding of the resources that were utilized and to gain a bigger understanding of why particular agencies were not able to donate due to higher needs of others and learning the importance of helping. The donations that our son received, we feel, will lead him to understand the greater importance of giving back to others.

Raygen was sponsored by family, friends, and the Methodist men of Mineola. She will be doing a presentation for her sponsors very soon.

She sent out 50 letters to family, friends, local businesses, and legislators. We included two letters of recommendation from teachers along with information about the program (including the website).

Sponsor letters to church members and family members.

We are very appreciative of the businesses that supported her and the future of our community.

We asked family and a couple of local businesses to sponsor Reagan.

We began our fundraising by forming a letter explaining what Education in Action was, the person who nominated her, and what she was going to be doing there. We sent out letters to local businesses and the Kiwanis Club. We then asked family members for assistance.

We received the nomination two months prior to the deadline and I didn't think I would be able to raise that money in time to meet the deadline. I talked with friends and family. His grandmother had a great network of friends that supported the cause. We utilized the sponsor letter that was provided and used very nice resume paper and his picture and handed it out to everyone we could and it worked out for us nicely. In order to further his leadership skills, I made sure Brian passed out the letters and spoke to everyone himself. He was very happy when we raised the money and went to the post office with me to mail off the packet.

We raised the WHOLE amount. We used the included sponsorship letter. We had to send out quite a few letters but we raised all the funds clear up to the last week to finish up.

You will be surprised to see how many individuals and businesses are ready to help support our youth. Jacobee was able to get out and talk to bankers, lawyers, contractors, and club members. They were very responsive when they found that he was in a leadership program.

She was sponsored by my employer.

Start early and send self-addressed stamped envelopes with the letter. That way, when the sponsors get the letter, they won't have any reason to put it aside for a later time they can write the check and mail it right away.

My daughter was fortunate enough to have several business owners within our family, J&J Electric was generous enough to fully fund her participation in the program.

My daughter used the letter you provided last year to ask for sponsorships; it worked perfectly.

My son was determined to attend camp and wrote letters to potential sponsors. He was well-received and raised most of the tuition.

My son wrote a letter to my company's president asking for a donation to help with cost for the camp. He received the full amount he needed to pay for camp.