Nominating Educator FAQs

What's included in my nominees' notification packets?

Some educators that have their nominees' notification packets mailed to their attention at their school hold a special event to distribute the nomination notification packets:

  • Some hold a special meeting at school with nominees all together to explain what they're receiving and so the students know which other students from their school were nominated.
  • Some hold a special parent meeting so parents receive the packets directly. This provides the opportunity for the nominating educator to share information about the experience for which the students were nominated and answer any questions.

If you have a special way you notify your nominees, we'd love to hear from you!

I want to hold a parent meeting. What should I cover?

The Lone Star Leadership Academy FAQs (Spanish version of Lone Star Leadership Academy FAQs) provides details and answers most questions parents may have about the Lone Star Leadership Academy camps.

Do schools/districts ever provide financial aid to students for participation in the Lone Star Leadership Academy?

The answer varies from school to school and district to district. Requesting sponsorship from school PTAs and district education foundations is a fundraising idea provided in each nominee's notification packet. If you have numerous nominees, it may benefit them to work together and make a unified request to these groups. Other individual and group fundraising ideas are provided in a Fundraising Guide in each nominees' notification packet.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for which my nominees can apply?

Yes. Details are available at Financial Aid, but here are some highlights.

  • Gifted and talented students may apply for $400 TAGT scholarships. (Applications usually due in February each year)
  • Students on free or reduced meal plans may apply for $100 Education in Action scholarships. (Available on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Any student may enter TSHA's Lone Star Leader in History Essay Contest for a chance to earn a FULL scholarship to attend a Lone Star Leadership Academy camp. (Applications usually due around March 1st each year)

Educators may nominate individual students or groups of students for SYTA Youth Foundation Road Scholarships to attend the Lone Star Leadership Academy.

How does the Group Discount work?

Education in Action offers a 5% tuition discount to each student in a group when four or more students from the same school participate in the Lone Star Leadership Academy during the same year.

  1. Group members must all participate in the same year but do not need to attend the same camp week or location.
  2. Group members must all attend the same school.
  3. Each student must include a Group Discount Application with his/her camp application.
  4. The applications for all students in the group must be submitted in the same envelope.

Do you offer a Spanish version of any Lone Star Leadership Academy documents?

Yes. Visit our Spanish Documents page for links to Lone Star Leadership Academy documents available in Spanish.

What summer employment opportunities do you offer educators?

Education in Action hires outstanding teachers to work as facilitators on our summer Lone Star Leadership Academy camps. Because of the academic nature of the camps, all facilitators are Texas educators. Maybe you know some of our current summer staff members! Learn more and apply online!