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Pre/Post-Field Trip Curriculum

We hope your students are excited about your upcoming 'Proud to be Texan' Discover Texas Field Trip! Here are some pre- and post-field trip activities that will help your students get the most out of their experience.

Key Concepts Activity

During your visit to the Bullock State History Museum, the students will be asked to give examples of primary and secondary source artifacts. We have included some possible answers for the questions on this page.

Vocabulary Terms

Throughout the trip students will be asked to define Texas History terms. We have provided the vocabulary terms, definitions and pictures that will be covered. In addition, we have attached a PDF of the terms and definitions that you can print and share with your class. It is important that the students become familiar with the vocabulary words before the field trip so they can actively participate in activities and get the most out of the experience.

Texas State Symbols Coloring Book

In addition, students that know the state symbols in the attached Texas State Symbols coloring book, included for fun, will be assets to their teams during the bus ride home!

Kid's House Website

Finally, the Texas House of Representatives offers a Kids' House website that includes many classroom activity ideas. This is a great resource for post-field trip activities.

La Belle Exhibit

We are excited about the exhibit, La Belle: The Ship That Changed History, at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. The video and information available at The Story of Texas will pique students' interest in seeing this exhibit. This website provides details about the excavation and preservation of the ship, a sneak peak of the artifacts students will see, and an explanation of how La Belle changed history.

Additional Resources brings together diverse resources from partners across the state to support those who teach Texas Studies and to promote awareness of the resources and partners available.

Texas History Challenge

How well do you know Texas History? Welcome to Texas History Challenge! Compete against your friends, family, classmates, and strangers who love Texas history to see who knows their Texas history best. Each month new quizzes are unlocked challenging you on a different topic in Texas history. Students and adults can win prizes monthly and teachers can login and keep track of student’s progress.

Texas Beyond History

Texas Beyond History is rich in information and resources to help you teach about the past in Texas, using archaeology as a lens for discovery.

Texas Indians Activity Book

Learn about the Texas Indians in an activity book.

Texas History Trading Cards

The Portal to Texas History offers Texas History Trading Cards for students in fourth and seventh grade Texas history,