Summer 2020 Call for Nominations Underway!

We just wrapped up this past summer's Lone Star Leadership Academy camps and are getting settled into the routine of the new school year which, at Education in Action, means things are already full-steam ahead for summer 2020 camps!

Each September, we kick-off our Call for Outstanding Student Nominations for the coming summer's Lone Star Leadership Academy camps! We start the process right after Labor Day when teachers have had an opportunity to get to know their students, but also have time to recognize their outstanding students by nominating them online before the Fall Deadline, which this year is November 1st.

We highly encourage educators to submit their nominations by the Fall Nomination Deadline on November 1st. Fall nominees will receive their nomination notification packets prior to the holiday break, have the option to take advantage of Early Bird pricing and more time to apply and plan for camp, and are more likely to get their first-choice of camp dates. In addition, fall nominees have ample time to apply for a variety of scholarships, request sponsorships, and participate in fundraising activities should they choose to do so.

We are grateful for the awesome and dedicated educators across our state that provide their young leaders with the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience significant Texas sites, and make new friendships with other like-minded students by nominating them for the Lone Star Leadership Academy camp experience each year!

Educators, administrators, and community leaders are invited to nominate their outstanding 4th-8th graders for summer 2020 Lone Star Leadership Academy camps online at https://educationinaction.org/nominate-leaders. Nominees must demonstrate leadership ability, maintain an 85 or higher average, and be involved in school/community activities.

Fall Nomination Deadline: November 1, 2019.

Learn more about the Lone Star Leadership Academy summer camp experience here.