4th, 6th, & 7th Grade Social Studies - Austin, TX

Take your 4th or 6th graders to Austin and San Antonio to experience first-hand what they're learning in social studies! In Austin students explore the Texas State Capitol with a focus on the legislative process, leadership, and Texas leaders, past and present. Then it’s off to San Antonio where the story of the Texas Revolution comes to life as your young historians tour The Alamo. The best part is, we handle the details so you don't have to. Charter bus? Check. Fun, meaningful, TEKS-based curriculum for the entire day? Check. Travel through Texas History on a day your students won't soon forget!

Texas Capitol House Tour
Austin Field Trip
Texas Capitol Senate Tour
4th grade fun
Alamo school tour
Texas Field Trip

"This is a history teacher’s dream! The students learn in a hands-on, living history/classroom environment and the books we have read come to life. The entire trip is exceptional. Thank you. "

- Teacher, Live Oak Classical School

Leaders of the Lone Star State Program Includes:

  • Texas State Capitol
  • The Alamo
  • TEKS-based activities, and pre- and post-program curriculum
  • Pre-program training for participating adults
  • Education in Action team member to coordinate all details
  • One-on-one planning meeting with Coordinating Teacher
  • Charter bus transportation
  • T-shirt, group picture, Arlie the Armadillo plushy, and other souvenirs for each participant
  • Curriculum incentives
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Teachers (one for every 20 students) and one administrator travel FREE

Typically, schools depart at 6:00am and return at 8:30pm.

$109*/student & chaperone

"Great program to reinforce social studies concepts in an interactive way."

-Teacher, Irving ISD

"The kids were continually commenting about how much fun they were having and didn’t even realize how much they were actually learning in the process!"

-Parent, Prosper ISD

"Could not have been easier or more well planned! Great trip!"

-Administrator, Richardson ISD