Lone Star Leadership Academy FAQs

What is Education in Action?

Education in Action is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people to be informed and active leaders in their communities. Education in Action fulfills this mission by providing the Lone Star Leadership Academy camp experience for young Texas leaders.

What is the Lone Star Leadership Academy?

Lone Star Leadership Academies are weeklong (Sunday-Friday) summer camps for outstanding Texas 4th-8th graders. Young leaders from across Texas meet in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, or Houston/Galveston for a week of fun, learning, leadership development, and visits to unique and historically significant Texas destinations. Each day students explore notable Texas sites, learn about unique careers from professionals at sites visited, and develop their leadership abilities during leadership groups with their facilitators. Staff to student ratio is 1:10. Because of the academic nature of the program, adult facilitators are Texas teachers. In addition to improving their leadership abilities, participants gain self-confidence and independence and develop new friendships with other high-achieving students from across the state. Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a Lone Star Leader Certificate of Merit to be added to his or her academic achievements.

When are the camps?

The Sunday-Friday camps are offered in each location most weeks throughout the summer. Camp dates for each location are available in the camp application and online.

What are the program requirements?

Participants maintain an overall average of B (85 or 3.5) or higher, are recommended by a school counselor, teacher, or principal based on demonstrated leadership ability, and are involved in school or community activities. Students must also submit a program application and fee by the application deadline.

For the camp application, what are considered school/community activities?

School/Community activities are anything your child participates in outside of regular classroom instruction. Examples include participation in sports teams, scouting, after-school clubs, volunteer work, music lessons, dance classes, tutoring other students, church activities, contests, etc. You can also include recent awards or honors, excluding Honor Roll.

For what program may a student sign up?

The grade the student is in during the school year prior to the summer they are participating determines programs in which they are eligible to participate.

4th, 5th, & 6th graders may apply for the upcoming summer's Lone Star Leadership Academy – Dallas/Fort Worth camps.*

5th, 6th, & 7th graders may apply for the upcoming summer's Lone Star Leadership Academy – Austin/San Antonio camps.*

6th, 7th, & 8th graders may apply for the upcoming summer's Lone Star Leadership Academy – Houston/Galveston camps.*

*Lone Star Leadership Academies are best experienced in the order listed above (Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, then Houston/Galveston). Education in Action recommends that all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders sign up for the Dallas/Fort Worth program first so that in the future they will be able to participate in all Lone Star Leadership Academy programs should they desire to do so.

Are there any opportunities for participants once they have completed the Lone Star Leadership Academy?

Lone Star Leadership Academy alumni are invited to participate in Education in Action’s alumni organization, the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, to continue their leadership development during the school year. The alumni program provides members with continued leadership training and opportunities to exercise their leadership skills including creating and leading service projects in their community and returning on Lone Star Leadership Academy camps as Youth Facilitators.

Who are the adult staff members?

Because of the academic nature of the camp, all facilitators are Texas educators. Student/staff member ratio is 10:1. In addition to the facilitators, there is a Director and an Assistant Director on each program. Each year Education in Action conducts a background check on all adult staff members prior to the summer programs.

Are students supervised at all times?

Yes. The schedule is very structured and at no time are students unsupervised. At registration parents receive a detailed agenda of what sites participants are visiting and/or activities they are participating in at all times during the program week. There are no fewer than two female adults in each girls’ group lodging room and no fewer than two male adults in each boys’ group lodging room to supervise students overnight.

What are the lodging facilities like?

Lodging facilities for all Lone Star Leadership Academy camps are air-conditioned, group bunk dormitories with private showers. Lone Star Leadership Academy participants and at least two program Facilitators are housed in each dorm. Each participant brings a sleeping bag or twin sheets, blanket, and pillow for their bed.

Dallas/Fort Worth Lodging

Austin/San Antonio Lodging

Houston/Galveston Lodging

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Full details are available here.

Are student cell phones permitted?

Student cell phones are not permitted on Lone Star Leadership Academy camps. This includes use of a cell phone as a camera. Personal digital cameras and disposable cameras are encouraged. Education in Action encourages students to write home regularly to their parents, siblings, and other relatives. Parents are encouraged to give students pre-addressed, stamped envelopes or postcards so they can write home. Camp photos are posted daily for parents to view.

Are smart watches permitted?

Students may not bring electronics, including smart watches. A digital or analog watch is fine.

Do students call home during the week?

Students do not call home during the program week but camp photos are posted daily.

The Director has a cell phone with them at all times during the camp. Parents are provided with this phone number so they may contact the group at any time in case of an emergency. If anything out of the ordinary, medical or otherwise, happens with a student during the camp, the Director notifies the parent immediately. In cases of homesickness or aches/pains, sometimes the student just needs to call home and we allow them to do this on the Director’s cell phone. We encourage parents to remind their students that the adults on the program are available to help them in any way they can and to remind their students to tell an adult if they need anything while they are on the program.

How can parents/family get mail to campers?

Parents/family need to bring mail they would like their student to receive during their week at camp to registration on Sunday with each piece of mail labeled with the day they would like it delivered. Staff members deliver mail to students each day at breakfast. Education in Action asks that parents/family NOT mail letters via the post office to students during their camp week as the letters often arrive at camp after the students have already returned home. Education in Action cannot guarantee that students will receive mail sent via the post office.

Are updates provided to parents throughout the camp week?

Yes. Camp pictures are posted daily.

Can participants bring a friend?

All students must be nominated by an educator, maintain an 85 or higher overall grade average, and show involvement in school/community activities.

Can participants request to room with a friend?

All students of the same gender are housed in the one group dorm room. Students will have the opportunity to select beds after getting to know the other campers on Sunday.

How do students apply for the program?

Students may apply online or request a printable application. Printed applications are also available by emailing an application request to admissions@educationinaction.org or by calling Education in Action at 817-562-4957. Applications must include a copy of the student’s most recent grade report/report card verifying the applicant’s overall average is B (85 or 3.5), a nomination by the applicant’s principal, counselor, or teacher to attend based on demonstrated leadership ability, and two school/community activities in which the applicant participates or awards the applicant has received.

What does the program fee include?

The program fee includes everything the student needs for their week at the Lone Star Leadership Academy:

· Lodging for five nights in supervised, air-conditioned, group bunk dormitory

· All meals Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast

· Charter bus transportation throughout program

· All excursions including entrance fees

· 10 to 1 student-adult staff member ratio

· Because of the academic nature of the program, all facilitators are Texas educators.

· 24-hour supervision

· Interactive, hands-on, higher-level thinking curriculum

· Lone Star Leadership Academy t-shirts (Monday – Friday)

· Lone Star Leadership Academy backpack and water bottle

· Leadership Notebook

· Farewell Program slide show pictures upon receipt of parent survey

· Program souvenirs

Will participants need extra money?

The program application fee covers students’ accommodations, meals, and all activities. Students may bring money for souvenirs from gift shops at sites visited, extra snacks, etc., but it is not required. Should students choose to bring extra money, Education in Action recommends they bring no more than $50.00. Students that bring extra money are responsible for keeping up with it. Education in Action staff members will not hold, or be responsible for, a student’s money.

How can I raise funds to go?

Students are encouraged to visit the Financial Aid page on Education in Action’s website, Scholarship opportunities and ideas on how to raise money for the program application fee are provided along with a sponsorship template letter.

Are there any scholarships?

There are many scholarships available for students and parents willing to research opportunities. Education in Action posts known scholarships on Education in Action's Financial Aid page. Success stories from families who have raised funds for the program are also available.

Are parent references available?

Yes. Contact Education in Action to request parent references from your area.

What if an applicant doesn’t have medical insurance?

Education in Action requires that all participants have medical insurance during their time on the program so they will be able to receive care in the event of a medical emergency. If an applicant does not have medical insurance, the parent may purchase a temporary policy. If temporary insurance will be used, a Temporary Insurance Acknowledgement Form must be completed and submitted with the student’s camp application. Education in Action works with CampDoc.com as an option for temporary insurance. Please contact 817-562-4957 or email admissions@educationinaction.org for more information.

How will a student know if their application was accepted?

Completed applications are accepted on a first-come, first-considered basis. The application indicates for the applicant to list their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd program date choices. Date requests will be honored based on availability. Because programs fill quickly, Education in Action encourages students to apply early to increase the chances of getting their preferred program date. If the applicant’s first three program date choices are not available, Education in Action will contact the applicant’s parent with any remaining available dates.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please contact Rhonda Richardson, Lone Star Leadership Academy Programs Director, at 817-562-4957 x103 or rrichardson@educationinaction.org.

"My son was nervous when we dropped him off, but when we picked him up he was very happy and enthusiastic about all the things he got to see and do. He is looking forward to next year’s camp and to seeing some of the friends he made from this year there!"

-Participant's Parent

"What more can you ask for? My child was safe, well taken care of, challenged, given priceless enrichment opportunities, and had the opportunity to make great friends."

-Participant's Parent

"My son really enjoyed the Lone Star Leadership Academy because he was able to be around other kids his age with the same intellect and interests. He attends a very small school and it was really enlightening for him to realize there are other kids like him."

-Participant's Parent