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What if I am teaching remote learners?

Discover Texas Field Trips In a Box programs are available for remote learners, too! How does it work? Teachers have two options:

OPTION 1: Have each Remote Learner order their own box online and box will be mailed directly to their home ($35 box price includes shipping to their home). For this option, complete this Remote Learner Order Form with your information and your school's information. We'll email you an email template to forward to your students' parents letting them know about the program with a link for each family to order and pay for their student's box by the deadline date you choose. You will be notified when families place orders. Boxes will be mailed directly to your students' homes within two-four weeks of receiving all orders.

OPTION 2: Include the remote learner boxes in your school order ($25/box) and have each remote family to pick up their box at the school. This will save the $10/box shipping cost to have the remote learner boxes shipped directly to remote learners' homes.