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Scholarship opportunity for Education in Action programs


The Road Scholarship program awards funds to youth unable to afford the cost of their student group trip and may be applied to participation in both of Education in Action's student program offerings: Lone Star Leadership Academy summer camps and one-day Discover Texas Field Trips.

Based on the belief that travel is essential for a complete education, the SYTA Youth Foundation's goal is to make a positive difference through travel. Applications may be submitted October 1 – November 15, 2019.

WHO CAN APPLY? Nominations must be submitted only by an educator, program leader or designated school official. Nominations submitted by parents or guardians will not be considered.

HOW MUCH IS AWARDED PER SCHOLARSHIP? Up to $1,000 will be awarded to an individual (applies to Lone Star Leadership Academy participants); a maximum of $5,000 will be awarded to a group ('a group' can be a group of individual students nominated to attend summer Lone Star Leadership Academy camps OR a school's entire grade level taking part in a one-day Discover Texas Field Trip). Nominations requesting an award higher than the maximum will not be considered.

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If you have questions regarding the Road Scholarship program, please email

The Education in Action team was very excited to learn about this funding opportunity to help students take part in our experiential learning travel programs. If you know a student or students that could benefit from a SYTA Road Scholarship, we hope you will nominate them before the November 15th deadline. SYTA accepts nominations for Road Scholarships each fall and spring.

Lone Star Leadership Academy

To date, three students have received this scholarship to participate in Lone Star Leadership Academy camps. Additional funding opportunities for students to attend Lone Star Leadership Academy camps, including scholarships and sponsorships, are available online. It is our hope that educators will nominate all outstanding Texas 4th-8th graders to participate in Lone Star Leadership Academy camps regardless of their financial situation. Education in Action team members are available to work one-on-one with families interested in pursuing numerous financial aid opportunities.

Discover Texas Field Trips

Education in Action contacted SYTA and confirmed this scholarship may be used to take students on Discover Texas Field Trips. To our knowledge, no educator has ever applied for a SYTA scholarship for this purpose. We think a SYTA scholarship could be a terrific opportunity for an educator at a Title One school to get the assistance needed to take an entire grade level on one of our nine one-day Discover Texas Field Trips. Information on additional Discover Texas Field Trip funding opportunities may be requested online.

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