Financial Aid

Many students fundraise in order to cover a portion or all of the tuition to attend the Lone Star Leadership Academy. In addition to raising money, students that fundraise develop planning, organizational, communication, and leadership skills. Check out these fundraising success stories!

"I drew up a letter and sent it out to family and close friends. I cut grass and babysat. I also did extra chores around the house. My biggest job was house-sitting and pet sitting. I was very busy this summer. With my extra money I was able to buy my brothers and sister a gift and they were very happy. I would like to thank my science teacher, Mrs. Mayeck. I had a great time."

-Michael, Flour Bluff ISD

"We believe preparing for and attending the Lone Star Leadership Academy provided him opportunities he may otherwise not have participated in, like doing a sponsorship drive and speaking before 100+ business leaders at a chamber of commerce meeting."

-Participant's Parent

"Christina made arrangements at her school to sell candy after school. She and a friend (another EIA camper) stayed after school for several weeks to raise money for camp. The thing that impressed me most is that they came up with the idea themselves, approached the school officials and stuck with it for so many days."

-Christina, Round Rock ISD