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Pre-Program Checklist (Coordinating Teacher)

The Coordinating Teacher may use this checklist to begin planning for the school's program. This form includes everything needed from beginning to end!

Permission Slip

Each student will need to fill out a permission slip and medical form. The permission slip includes a request for the student's sandwich choice, t-shirt size, and an opportunity for parents to order a Discover Texas Field Trips "In a Box" program should they not want their student to travel.

Permission Slip in Spanish

Medical Form

You may use this form or medical information forms provided by the school.

Dietary Page

Food allergies? Learn more about food options here.

Participation Policy

Education in Action’s chaperone policy.

This video makes it easy for you to share with parents what the Leaders of the Lone Star State Discover Texas Field Trip experience will be like for their students.

This program flyer is a nice handout to show parents what "Leaders of the Lone Star State" is all about!

This packet contains parent information specific to their student’s field trip.